• The author of the petition against the construction of "brothel" in the center of Moscow accused of slander

  • Employees of the company-Builder "interkar trading limited", responsible for the construction of apart-hotel in the capital Granatny lane in place of the burnt manor, written statement to the police on a local resident Ilya Bocharova and "a group of unidentified persons" accused of libel and of organizing an unsanctioned rally. A copy of the document was in the possession "of the Tape.ru".

    According to the authors of the statement, Bocharov organized an unauthorized rally, which was attended by 15-20 people.

    "The lettering on this poster was clearly provocative and offensive, defaming the honor and reputation of the organization-Builder, and authorities issuing the permits for the construction of the hotel ( ... ), Please bring a case under article 20.2 of the administrative code (Violation of established order of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing), article 128.1 of the criminal code (Slander)," — said in the document.

    Also, the applicants put the blame Bocharovo the placement of defamatory information that the developer plans to build in place of the estate "house of debauchery". "That is, in fact, we were accused of committing serious crimes under the criminal code (Organization of brothels)", — stated in the message.

    According to representatives of the company, the action was receiving unfair competition from householders society "grenade 6", which claim to a small plot of land for further construction on it checkpoint. To this end, the fighters for "morals" do not disdain the obvious fraud. They are, for example, in their publications on the Internet use a working sketch Aparthotel pririsoval using photoshop unambiguous sign "24", says the text of the document.

    The authors of the statement, gave the police documents confirming the legality of reconstruction of a historical building.

    "The Company's project on reconstruction of a historical building was supported by the independent experts of the "Arhnadzor" and Department for protection of monuments of history and culture", — stated in the text.

    According to the project, the company plans to build the building, preserving the architectural and decorative elements of historic buildings, and the adjacent territory to break a small Park with benches and green spaces. On the ground floor is planned to equip a children's chess club.

    20 Oct in grenade alley so-called initiative group held a protest against the construction of mini-hotel on the site of the monument of architecture of the house-estate of the NINETEENTH century, major Mike was burnt down in 1994. Participants unfurled a 12-metre banner with the inscription "we Demand here, the spruce, and not a brothel" and an appeal to the mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin to ban the construction.


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