• Australians declared wanted for "surfing" on a dead turtle

  • Service wildlife parks of Queensland (QPWS) is looking for two Australians, published in social networks photograph "surfing" on a dead turtle. On Wednesday, November 2, according to Mashable.

    Screenshot photos published in Facebook user Matt Wright (Matt Wright), tried to track down the men posing with a dead reptile. The original image could not be found.

    "When your brain is the size of a walnut, your thought process is absurd. Share this entry, we will see if we can get these fools a good penalty," urged Wright.

    If we can prove that the Australians inflicted the turtle harm, they will face a fine in the amount of 15 thousand dollars, writes the edition.

    By words a press-the Secretary of the QPWS, he has evidence that captured in the photo of the turtle was dead.

    "These guys are just complete idiots. There is no excuse for what they did, — said the representative of the Royal community for the protection of animals Queensland's Michael Beatty. — Properly idiots, they posted a picture on Facebook... I hope that people will help them to realize what idiots they were."


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