• An Australian model accused of exaggerating the size a full friend

  • The model from Australia Georgia Gibbs criticized netizens who decided that the girl used Photoshop to make the figure of his girlfriend better in the pictures. About it writes The Independent.

    Gibbs, who wears clothes of the 44th Russian size, posed for a picture with friend Kate Wesley (Kate Wasley) in Sydney. A friend of models, which has a 56-d, is also involved in the filming as a model for plus-size ("forms").

    Georgia published a picture with her Instagram and got a negative reaction of subscribers. Most users noticed on the frame, traces of editing, and found that Gibbs has increased Wesley in the waist and hips to look slimmer next to her.

    Some time later, the GA has deleted the picture from your page. For updates on her page, watch over 273 thousand people.

    In February it became known, that Vogue magazine was accused of using photoshop in order to hide the splendor of the forms of model Ashley Graham. On the cover of the March issue of the magazine depicts seven supermodels standing on the beach arm in arm.


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