• The Australian media came to the tournament in North Korea under the guise of athletes

  • Two residents of Australia participated in the Golf championship, which suits North Korea. According to the publication Mashable to get to the competition, they said they were professional golfers.

    28-summer Roig Morgan (Morgan Ruig), and Evan Shay (Evan Shay) tell you all I know about the North Korean championship, when he came to Beijing for the tournament on game in Polo. Although neither one nor the other knew how to play Golf, they decided to write to Pyongyang via e-mail. The organizers of the championship took them over professional athletes from Australia and is allowed to participate in the competition. Jokers were not to dissuade them and used the resulting invitation.

    Arriving in North Korea, the Australians have laid flowers at the monuments of Kim Il sung and Kim Jong Il. No one noticed the deception, until they came to the country's only Golf course.

    Roig says that he was able to complete the game with a score of 120 points. This is at least twice worse result, which is considered acceptable for professional golfers. After that, the accompanying North Korean caddies (the assistant holding the stick) announced that this game will bring great shame to the families of the Australians.

    In the end, the pranksters took the penultimate place in the championship, ahead of only fifteen-year-old daughter of the Ambassador of Nepal in North Korea, who played even worse. They recently moved back home and now preparing for the new tournament, this time in Somalia.

    During the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro network users admitted gymnast from North Korea Lee Sequana the saddest of all Olympic champion in the world. In the photos from the awards ceremony, he looked like he was trying to hold back the tears.


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