• The Australian made the proposal to his girlfriend in a pen with a crocodile

  • Tamer of crocodiles has made a proposal to his girlfriend in front of the audience during the show at the Australian reptile Park. This was reported on the page of the Park in Facebook.

    As can be seen from the video, a young man named Billy, and a girl, Siobhan. While the show's host told the audience that the couple met three years, Billy went down to the corral and with a piece of meat on a stick lured out of the pond one of their Pets — Australian slender-snouted crocodile, having a length of about three meters.

    Then he turned his back to the reptiles, took from his pocket an engagement ring, got down on his knee before standing at the fence of the corral Siobhan and asked her if she wanted to be his wife. The girl said Yes.

    Earlier it was reported that the commander of the passenger liner Australian airline Qantas I did # 2.* a proposal to his girlfriend during the flight. His girlfriend also agreed.


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