• The airline mistakenly sent the dog rapper ScHoolboy Q to another city

  • American hip-hop artist Quincy Matthew Hunley, known under the pseudonym ScHoolboy Q complained to Twitter the airline United Airlines. According to the rapper, his dog was put on the wrong flight.

    "The guys from United, you idiots. How could you put my dog in the wrong plane? I need answers," wrote Hunley in smoem microblog. In response, the representative of the carrier in the comments to the tweet asked musician to contact him personally.

    In comments to CNN, the contractor said that he was going to sue the airline. He said that flying with a dog from Missouri to California, but while on a layover in Denver the United Airlines employees confused the dog with the other, sending the animal in Chicago. Later, the dog was returned to the owner.

    Fans of ScHoolboy Q supported the musician with the armed animals pictures.

    In the discography of ScHoolboy Q four album, Setbacks, Habits &Contradictions, Oxymoron LP and a Blank Face. The latter came out in 2016. The rapper also received four nominations for the music award "Grammy".


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