• Asteroid dangerously close to the Ground in the St. Patrick's Day

  • The EG3 2017 asteroid approached the Earth at a distance of just over a million kilometers in the St. Patrick's Day, March 17. Reported by the Daily Mail.

    The heavenly body was discovered March 7, 2017 scientists of the Observatory's mount Lemmon in the United States. Astronomers have calculated that 2017 EG3 will pass by our planet on a trajectory that lies beyond the orbit of the moon. Diameter is 23 meters. Scientists took him to the Apollo — asteroids that periodically cross Earth's orbit.

    Large objects that approach Earth closer than seven million miles, are considered potentially dangerous. Apollo is held by the planet. However, about 1500 asteroids of this group, the size of which the diameter exceeds 100-150 meters, represent a possible threat to humanity.

    The results of computer simulations conducted by scientists from the UK showed, the fall of an asteroid with a diameter of 200 meters in the major cities of Europe could lead to the deaths of several million people.


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