• Apple accidentally unveiled the new device

  • Responsible for health and safety in the office Apple, the contractor mistakenly sent to employees of the company closed the report that mentions another unannounced device, the company is under testing. Among them, augmented reality glasses, says Gizmodo.

    The document describes in detail more than 70 incidents involving employees of Apple during operation. In addition to the standard minor incidents, the report reflects and unusual cases. So, in late February, one of the employees complained of eye pain after testing the prototype of an unknown device. To these issues later complained to two more people. They were all sent to the optometrist.

    An anonymous source in the company asserts that the injury can be related with the augmented reality glasses developed by the company. However, Apple representatives refused to comment on the information.

    In January reported, what Apple is working together with German optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss on their own with the augmented reality glasses. This information to the expert confirmed one of the employees of Carl Zeiss. It is expected that points will be submitted in 2018.


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