• Apple and Google have offered the hacker the CIA in exchange for classified requirements

  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange contacted Apple, Google, Microsoft and other U.S. technology companies, and promised to provide access to the exploits of the CIA in exchange for the performance of certain secret requirements. It is reported by the Motherboard.

    According to the publication, Assange sent management a letter in which he promised to send the description of the hacker weapon of the CIA after performing several obligations. They were contained in letters attached to the document. Sources claim that from tech giants, in particular, is required not to close discovered vulnerabilities within 90 days.

    In early March, WikiLeaks published massive archive of documents from the CIA entitled "Asylum 7" (Vault 7). It argues that the security services use software tools to access the phones running the operating systems iOS and Android, computers, Windows and smart TVs from Samsung.

    Themselves malware was not published. WikiLeaks promised to publish them only in case of reaching "consensus" in their analysis and disposal.


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