• The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has demanded to seize the property of "Gazprom"

  • The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) has applied to the Department of state Executive service of the Ministry of justice with a demand to seize property and assets of "Gazprom" in Ukraine. On Friday, April 21, the head of Department Yury Terentyev said in Facebook.

    "The application about opening of enforcement proceedings to recover fines and penalties from "Gazprom" sent to the Department of the public Executive service of the Ministry of justice", — stated in the message. This should be an interim measure to sanction Russian companies 6.4 billion dollar fine.

    22 Feb the Kiev appellate court rejected the complaint of "Gazprom" demanding to cancel the decision on collecting from the company of a fine. In early December 2016, the Economic court of Kiev has obliged "Gazprom" to pay a fine for abuse of a monopoly position in gas transit and a penalty for its delay. The hearing was held behind closed doors.

    AMC has appealed to a Kiev court in early October. The plaintiff insisted on the recovery of a fine in the amount of $ 3.2 billion and interest on the same amount for delay of its payment. The Committee referred to the fact that the Russian side does not want to fulfill the requirement of the regulator on a voluntary basis.


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