• American thief pulled the bowl and paid for it with his freedom

  • Found in raspushennoy the toilet evidence was given of the thief who committed burglary in the U.S. city of Los Angeles, California. About it reports UPI.

    The seventh of October 2016, the attacker hacked into a private home. He got in, used the toilet but forgot to flush the toilet. Investigators found his excrement and sent for examination.

    The thus obtained DNA samples led police to 42-year-old Andrew Jensen (Andrew Jensen). He already had problems with the law, so the information about his DNA was stored in the FBI database.

    "Majority does not imply or doesn't know that DNA can be obtained not only from hair and saliva, explained detective Tim Lohman (Lohman Tim) from the office of the Sheriff of Ventura County. — We are looking for any clues that could leave the perpetrator. The smoked cigarette thrown the Bank — we analyze all".

    Jensen was arrested on suspicion of burglary. For him a bond in the amount of 70 thousand dollars.

    In 2016 reported, what in the Australian city of Wodonga, the thief left at the crime scene the imprint of his buttocks.


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