• The us Navy has expressed displeasure at the slow development of underwater robots

  • The us military expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the slow pace of development of Autonomous marine vehicles. This writes the portal of the naval Institute, U.S. (USNI).

    "I'm tired of waiting. Give me what you have so I can deploy it at sea. Get me feedback, and will develop further. I think you should abandon the next generation of testing, development and assessments", — quotes the edition of rear Admiral William Merz, who is chief of the use of submarines in the composition of the General staff of the Navy of the United States.

    Poplava American commander in the Pacific, rear Admiral Fritz rogg said first connection of underwater Autonomous vehicles in the American fleet will appear in 2019, it will be part of the 5th optovoi squadron of submarines (based in Bangor, Washington).

    Development of Autonomous underwater vehicles for the needs of the U.S. Navy is actively conducted since the 2000s years. At the moment the question of the establishment of multi-purpose robots capable of replacing several specialized devices.


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