• American accused of euthanasia of children with heroin

  • A resident of the U.S. state of Washington Ashley Hutt (Hutt Ashlee) accused that she gave three of their children heroin. On Wednesday, November 2, reports BBC News.

    Charges are also brought against her boyfriend, Mack Leroy Macliver (Mac Leroy McIver). According to investigators, the roommates were drugged children aged two, four and six years, to ensure that they slept soundly. According to a senior boy, mom used to call a substance a "medicine for a mood raising". He described his child as "white powder mixed with water", which was introduced in through the syringe.

    After a medical examination in the blood of two children indeed showed traces of the drug, and their bodies were characterized by bruises. The defendants admitted that use heroin, but the fact that they gave the drug to children deny.

    When exactly this occurred is not specified, specified only that the children seized from a couple in November last year.

    Meanwhile, a police spokesman ed Traer (Ed Troyer) stated that the conditions in which lived a family, was disappointing. "This is not good not even mentioning the heroine," — said a law enforcement officer.

    In September the network spread photos used heroin American couple who rode in the car with the four-year child in the back seat. From the police report that during the trip both the man and the woman lost consciousness. Arrived on the scene, the doctors stated they have a heroin overdose.


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