• American saved boyfriend's life on first date

  • A resident of the American city of Joplin, Missouri, rescued a man on a first date. About it reports the edition People.

    45-year old American Janie Hall (Janie Hall) came to Kansas city for a meeting with a man whom she met on a Dating site. They had lunch in the restaurant, and then began to talk about friends and families. Suddenly the man coughed three times, raised his finger and collapsed on the floor unconscious.

    With the help of the waitress, the woman turned on her boyfriend. His eyes were glazed and his mouth was bleeding. In the past the Hall was a doctor and knew how to proceed. He had no pulse, so she began to do artificial breath and heart massage. By the time when the ambulance arrived, the heartbeat was restored.

    The next day Hall called the hospital and learned that the man survived. At the meeting, he invited her for another date. The cause of the attack, almost costing him his life, remains unknown.

    In February reported, what inhabitant of London, which had rejected the invitation of the boyfriend on the second date, asked to return the money spent on it during the first meeting.


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