• The American demanded of the absorbed SMS companion to return the money for a date

  • A resident of the U.S. state of Texas filed a lawsuit against the woman who was texting on the phone during their first date. It is reported by The Statesman.

    37-summer Wesmar Brandon (Brandon Vezmar) sued Travis County petition to the 35-year-old friend (name unknown) to reimburse $ 17.31, which he spent on movie tickets. The couple met online and met for the first time on 6 may. According to men, due to the behavior of companion, who was texting during the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2", their date was ruined.

    Vezmar, argues that American included the device from 10 to 20 times in the last 15 minutes of the film. The American asked her to stop or to leave the room. A woman came out of the theater, but didn't come back.

    The man wrote her a message asking you to return the money, but the companion refused. She also insisted on the necessity of this correspondence with my friend who had a fight with her boyfriend. According to her, she turned on the gadget that only two or three times and did not disturb anyone in the audience. American plans to file a counterclaim on Vismara, due to the fact that the man tried to get compensation from her younger sisters, not having the payment from obesity.

    "Guardians Of The Galaxy. Part 2" ― the sequel to the fantastic Comedy Thriller 2014, based on the eponymous series of comic book publisher Marvel Comics.

    In April it became known, that the inhabitant of the American city of Joplin, Missouri, rescued a man on a first date. 45-year-old Janie Hall (Janie Hall) did artificial respiration and heart massage after her companion collapsed to the floor unconscious during dinner.


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