• Allen has compared Hollywood to Nazi Germany

  • Tim Allenatore in Hollywood is similar to the sentiment that prevailed in Germany after the arrival of Adolf Hitler to power, said actor and Director Tim Allen. He declared it on air "the Jimmy Kimmel Show" on ABC, an excerpt from which is available on YouTube-the transmission channel.

    "If you don't believe in what you believe in all of you beat. It's like Germany of the 1930s," — said Allen. So he explained the negative attitude of members of the industry to the President of the United States Donald Trump. The artist noted that he supports the Republican ticket and attended his inauguration.

    Allen, who himself is a member of the Republican party of the United States, noted that it is difficult to resist the liberal forces of Hollywood.

    Tim Allen starred in such films as "galaxy quest" "Cool Joe," "the Shaggy dog" and the trilogy "Santa Claus". He also voiced buzz Lightyear in a series of animated films "toy Story".

    The US President Donald trump has repeatedly criticized by representatives of Hollywood. played against the immigration policy of the Republican ridiculed his use of alternative the United States Constitution, criticized his attacks on the actress Meryl Streep and picketed owned by billionaire skyscraper in new York.


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