• Alexander McQueen reinterpreted design of the classic handbag

  • British fashion house Alexander McQueen has unveiled a new variation of the classic bags The Box. About it reported in a press release, which received the Tape.ru on Friday, April 21.

    Initially, the design of this bag was inspired by antique Luggage trunks for storing treasure. The model is made from grained leather and available in two sizes. Inside — lined with soft suede.

    Color palette — shades of the main collection (white and black) and bright red, orange-brown and green. In the sale of the bags will appear at the end of April.

    Alexander McQueen is a British fashion house, specializing in the production of clothes, shoes and accessories as well as perfumes and underwear. Founded in 1992 by designer Alexander McQueen. During the shows he had models wrapped in cellophane, used images of witches and ghosts, and also picked up the mannequins with grotesque makeup.

    After the death of McQueen's art Director for the fashion house became Sarah Burton.


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