• Shareholders "Severstal" has informed on readiness to carry out the rehabilitation at your own expense

  • Shareholders of the Bank "Ugra" is ready to conduct the reorganization of the Bank at the expense of own funds. On Monday, July 17, paper "News" the former Chairman of the Board of Bank Dmitry Shilyaev.

    "You need to enable the shareholders to samoozdorovlenija banks, including by attracting additional market investors," he added.

    Allegedly Shilyaeva, the Bank did not make suspicious transactions, and all financial statements meet international and Russian standards.

    To reorganize the Bank included in the top 30 largest financial institutions in the country, counting not only its owners and management, but also heads of the largest Bank associations. Among them — the President of ARB Garegin Tosunyan, who believes that the claims of the Bank of Russia to the "Yugra" is much lower than it closed in March of this year Tatfondbank. And Pavel Samiev, managing Director of the NRA, pointed out that the lack of resolute actions of the Central Bank on revocation of the license increases the likelihood of rehabilitation of the Bank.

    In the disposal of "Izvestia" was the certificate of the Commissioner of Central Bank of 30 June, which States that additional formation of reserves has not resulted in the Bank's activity grounds for implementation of measures on prevention of insolvency (bankruptcy).

    Recall that shortly before the moratorium of the Central Bank to satisfy the claims of creditors, the Bank of Russia has demanded from Bank "Ugra" dosdat reserves of 13.4 billion rubles. Despite the fact that the Bank in record time, "is actually 24 hours" has completed the requirements of the Central Bank imposed a moratorium.

    Shilyaev says that the financial statements of the Bank on July 1, testifies to the accomplishment of the Bank established standards and capital requirements.

    "Shareholders are ready to support the Bank to full financial recovery, they are able to rectify the situation, which at the moment is "Ugra". Most importantly, to be heard and provided an opportunity to save the Bank, meet all of the requirements of the regulator in full and in a timely manner. Especially that there is a legal framework that allows banks to carry out the procedure of self-improvement", — he said.

    The Bank "Ugra" was capitalized several times over the past two years. 28.6 billion rubles — in 2016, 4.75 billion in early 2017. In addition, on June 7 after the requirements of the Central Bank to dosdat reserves the Bank's main shareholder, Alexei Khotin has made to the Bank's capital to 20 billion rubles. Latest recapitalisation from the shareholder was held on 23 June in the amount of 5.1 billion rubles.


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