• The actor from the movie "Apocalypse" arrested for a drunken brawl in a casino

  • American actor Rudy Youngblood, best known for starring in Mel Gibson's movie "Apocalypto" in 2006, staged a drunken brawl in a casino in Miami, USA. The artist was arrested, reports TMZ.

    According to the information portal, Youngblood insulted and threatened the poker players in casino Miccosuki. Due to the challenging behavior of a drunken actor's security guards at the venue had to call the police.

    In addition to "Apocalypse" (Apocalypto), 34-year-old Youngblood (the real name of the actor Gonzalez) has played in such films as "Cold" and "Point of no return".

    In June 2016, the Russian actor Alexander Lyapin, known for the TV series "Interns", drunk staged a scuffle with the security guard of one of the Moscow cafes. As a result, the actor received a concussion and an injured nose.


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