• Feldman said it was impossible to bring Russia to its knees

  • The head of the Republic of Crimea (RK) Sergey Aksenov said that Russia can not be put on the knees of the sanctions regime. He said this during the Yalta III international economic forum (AMEF), the correspondent "Tapes.ru".

    Aksenov visited section of the delegation of Italy thanked the Italians for their active position in relation to the Crimea.

    "We already largely have a personal relationship. Today, the substantial representation from Italy. Friendly, cordial cooperation between us is inevitable. I hope that common sense will prevail. No one sanctions on the knees of the Russian Federation do not deliver. It's a hopeless dead end," — said the head of the RK.

    In turn, the head of the Italian delegation, member of Parliament of the Veneto region Stefano Valdegamberi stressed that the visit to the forum in Crimea is a challenge not only for Italian politics, but for all European. He expressed the hope that the Western world will come to its senses and recognizes the results of the referendum on the Peninsula and lifting of sanctions.

    Moscow's relations with many countries in the West significantly deteriorated in 2014 in connection with the accession to Russia of Crimea and the beginning of armed conflict in the South-East of Ukraine. The US and the EU imposed sanctions, accusing Russia of annexation of the Peninsula and participation in the fighting in the Donbass.

    III international Yalta economic forum held in the Crimea from 20 to 22 April. In the fields AMEF planned signing of a dozen agreements worth more than 100 billion rubles. This year the forum is attended by fifteen hundred people, representing more than 40 countries. Of foreign delegations most numerous Italian.


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