• Aksenov urged to fine the Kerch authorities for the urn in colors of Ukrainian flag

  • The head of the Republic of Crimea (RK) Sergey Aksenov during a working visit to Kerch rebelled urns, painted in the colors of Ukrainian flag. On Friday, may 12, according to "Kerch.FM".

    Aksenov visited the city beach and then headed to Geroevka, where he met with local residents. After that, he inspected the beach village, where we saw the yellow-and-blue trash can. "I saw the boxes of anti-state color? It's got to be five million rubles fine. For violation of the environment and an insult to aesthetics", — was indignant the head of the region.

    Kerchane Aksenov also complained on the lack of water, gas and communication, Internet and blocked the street to the private resort. In response, he promised to deal with all issues.

    The head of the RK was also outraged by the condition of the beach in anticipation of the holiday season. "What tourist would come? You look at these beaches, there is simply a shame to leave," he said.

    According to Assenova, he "lived and saw not a single beach where you'd want to stop." "That's none at all," said he, adding that the guests would go red from shame.

    At the end of April Deputy Chairman of the government of Kazakhstan Larissa opanasyuk at the selector meeting with heads of municipalities said, that 428 of the Crimean beaches to the start of the holiday season ready only 109.

    24 APR promised in early may to personally inspect the entire coastline.


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