• African footballer lamented the inability to become a coach because of the color of the skin

  • Ex-striker "Manchester United" and the national team of Trinidad and Tobago football Dwight Yorke spoke about the inability to get a job as a coach because of the color of the skin. About it reports BBC Sport.

    "If it's not skin color, then tell me, what is it? Be honest. At least let us pass the interview. In the development of football contributed and dark-skinned players. Take a look at the Premier League. If there is at least one black coach? And in the Italian championship? The list goes on," said York.

    In October 2014, the owner of club of National football League, "Pittsburgh Steelers" Dan Rooney proposed to introduce in English football rule that exists in the NFL: the team search for the head coach are required to interview at least one black (or other ethnic minority) specialist.

    York played for Manchester United from 1998 to 2002. In the "red dyavolom" three times won the championship of England, was the winner of the Champions League.


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