• Speculators attacked iPhone users with spam about Rihanna

  • Scammers trying to steal Apple users credit card data and other personal information by using spam, said in a release anti-virus company ESET, arrived in edition "Tapes.ru".

    Users get from scams send letters on a nonexistent purchase in the iTunes Store, disguised as a genuine message from the online shop. The letter says that the Apple ID used on the unknown device to buy Rihanna's album. Suggest the recipient to ignore the message confirming the purchase, either go to the link to cancel a transaction.

    The link takes the victim to the phishing site. The resource prompts the user to enter Apple ID and password, and fill in the form "confirm your identity" in which you specify the name, surname, postal address, telephone, date of birth and credit card numbers. When the form is filled in, the user is redirected to the real website iTunes.

    Experts warn that users should pay attention to the presence of grammatical errors in letters which indicate that the sender are the scammers.

    Earlier in July a Trojan horse virus attacked POS terminals, through which you can pay at the box office. Security experts pointed out that the virus steals credit card data. Security experts noted that approximately 10 percent of all attempted infections are in small businesses in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Algeria.


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