• Aeroflot became the leader in terms of profitability of the invested capital

  • "Aeroflot" has entered into number of airlines that have managed over the ten year period to cover the cost of the invested capital. About it reported in a press release received by the editors".ru"

    The company has become a leader among airlines, with the exception of regional and low-cost, of return on invested capital (RIOC). According to the international consulting company McKinsey &Company from 2005 to 2015 the average value of this economic indicator Aeroflot was 11.9 percent.

    According to the findings of McKinsey & Company, a high return on investment, "Aeroflot" will provide a more effective cost than competitors, a strong brand and a good organizational structure. A leading independent consulting company Brand Finance this year recognized "Aeroflot" the strongest brand among the world's airlines.

    16 March it became known that "Aeroflot" will increase the number of Russian aircraft in the Park up to 40 percent. "We are already flying 30 planes Sukhoi Superjet. We are ready to sign a contract for 20 additional, plus 50 MS-21. That is 100 domestic aircraft in the company", — said General Director of airline Vitaly Savelyev.


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