• The lawyer reported about the new figurants in the case of Colonel Zakharchenko

  • The lawyer of the Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko called the names of the suspects in the mediation in the transfer of bribes in which the accused is his client. About it reports RIA Novosti from the courtroom of the Moscow city court.

    "Zakharchenko is suspected of receiving 800 thousand dollars from a commercial firm under the mediation of the FSB Senina General of the Ministry of interior Laushkin," — said defender Alexander Gorbatenko during the consideration of an appeal against the seizure in the investigation of a corruption case.

    As reported "Lente.ru" a source familiar with the situation, as one of the new defendants, the lawyer might have in mind Alexei Laushkin, head of the Department of Regardie in the Moscow region. According to him, now the General is on vacation.

    Informed concerning the high-ranking employee of FSB Dmitry Senin, relative Zakharchenko, was prosecuted for desertion. According to media reports, the officer left Russia with forged documents, his escape is associated with the investigation of the case against his brother-in-law Zakharchenko (wife of male sisters).

    According to "Novaya Gazeta", in 2006 under the patronage of Senin, which, then, worked in the "M" of the FSB carrying out counter-intelligence software of the law enforcement system of the country, Zakharchenko was transferred from Rostov Department of the tax police to the post of Deputy chief operatively-search Bureau №5 of the Department of economic security Ministry of internal Affairs.

    Dmitry Zakharchenko accused the number of corruption and malfeasance. In the apartment where he lived, during a search they found cash totaling about 8.5 billion rubles.


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