• 90-Panzer division tested a new target

  • The crews of the 90th Panzer division in the Urals have experienced a new target intended for tank biathlon. About it reports a site "Russian weapons". Sports targets are made of fabric and filled with colored gas. In addition, the tankers have experienced the foam target. Both types of educational goals can be restored in field conditions..

    "Sports targets made of fabric and filled with colored gas. With the defeat of the bouncy silhouette of the tank "off" for about seven seconds, leaving visible to the naked eye, the orange train," — said the official representative of the Central military district Yaroslav Roshchupkin.

    According to the representative of the district, the weight is about three pounds, and the design allows you to restore it in field conditions. Colors of fabric and smoke can be matched to the colors of the teams participating in the competition.

    The weight of the foam target is about 25 pounds. They also can be repaired in the field. "The target is able to withstand up to 15 hits, it consists of several elements: the destruction of one of them it is possible not to change the entire structure", explained Colonel Roschupkin.

    As the chief of staff of the tank battalion, captain Arthur eagles, the convenience of new targets is evidence of contact and less time spent on the monitoring result of the shot. The foam target is more resistant and allows, among other things, to locate the exact entry point. "As for the tank biathlon, now there is a plywood target, and not immediately visible targets only after a command from the tower," said the soldier.

    According to experts, the new equipment will increase the entertainment tank biathlon, speed up the work of judges and field teams.


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