• 84-year-old man stopped a jewelry thief at the Mall

  • The staff of the shopping center managed to catch the young man who stole jewelry, thanks to the bandwagon that framed running with the loot the attacker 84-the summer pensioner. This reports the Daily Mirror.

    The incident has come to the attention of the cameras. The record shows, as the elderly man complied cutting. From the impact fell on the floor and a thief, and he Raul Munoz (Munoz Raul).

    To help the fallen muñoz hastened sellers. The man called an ambulance, which took him to the hospital. After examination, the doctors let him go home.

    According to muñoz, he acted on instinct. The pensioner has complained that his heroism did not like the wife, who was with him in the Mall. Wife not talking to her husband within four hours after the incident. "I was punished," he complained. Subsequently, the woman broke the silence to ask where he learned it.

    "Just did, and that's all," replied the wife of Munoz.

    Daily Mirror says city and country, in which a video recording was made of the incident.


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