• 11-year-old hacker hacked into dozens of phones and made a Teddy bear glow

  • The young hacker during a speech in front of IT-experts from around the world demonstrated a method of hacking into a "smart" plush toy, forcing the bear next to him light up and record the sound in the room. It is reported by Mashable.

    11-year old Ruben Paul (Paul Reuben) from the American city of Austin, Texas, decided to show that any smart device can become a target for hackers.

    "From airports to cars, from smartphones to smart homes — all can be part of the Internet of things. And from the Terminator to the bear — all can be turned into weapons," Paul said before a demonstration of their skills.

    After that, the sixth-grader said that almost every modern gadget has a Bluetooth receiver, and most often it is the most vulnerable point.

    Using a computer Raspberry Pi the young specialist scanned the device in the hall and got a list of dozens of rooms with smartphones. After that, the hacker was connected to one of the rooms and recorded the audio, and then played to the audience with his toys.

    For a spectacular performances of Gender have also included a flashlight a built-in inside a Teddy bear.

    In March hackers put open access recordings of almost 800 thousand owners smart Teddy bears. It turned out that the producer kept the data on the server without a password, which the attackers got the opportunity to listen to more than two million audio messages.


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