• The struggle for springs has played an important role in human evolution

  • One of the main drivers of human evolution could be competition for the springs is the only source of fresh water during the millennial ages arid climate in Africa. These findings, scientists have examined the geological and hydrological history of the gorge Olduvai (Tanzania), where remains were found skillful person. A study published in the journal PLoS ONE, and briefly its contents stated in the press release of the University of New South Wales.

    1.8 million years ago, is extremely important for the evolution of hominin the epoch, suitable for drinking water in lakes and rivers of the basin, Olduvai almost wasn't (ponds have dried up and became salty). However, as scientists say, the keys exposed to groundwater, would be maintained for many centuries, even in conditions of constant drought. These sources were the main water resource.

    For springs group hominin fought both with one another and with other animals. It limited access to water has created the necessary conditions for natural selection, which was won by individuals, finding better sources and more efficient Athanasia competitors, says study co-author Gail Ashley (Gail Ashley).

    In addition, more humid periods springs could act as transfer points, where hominini stayed during his journey across Africa and beyond.


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