• Australia refused to open tender for the supply of submarines

  • Australia will conduct an open tender for supply of new submarines that will need to be replaced as part of the Australian Navy obsolete ships of the "Collins". As reported Jane's, said Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott. According to him, an open tender would have given the opportunity to participate enterprises from North Korea or Russia.

    The choice of perspective submarines will be made on a competitive basis, however, we will consider only proposals from invited companies. According to defense Minister of Australia Kevin Andrews, the evaluation of proposals will be based on the cost, compliance with the delivery schedule, technical risk and the ratio of price and quality. While Andrews noted that if the Australian company will meet these requirements, they will participate in the tender.

    Sources of Agency in the Australian defence industry said that the government of Australia, probably refused to open tender, for fear of leakage of strategically important information about submarines are planned to adopt. Disclosure of this information in accordance with the requirements of the open competition may be detrimental to Australia's national security.

    Currently, the Australian government, according to unconfirmed reports, is negotiating the delivery of submarines with Japan, Germany and France. After the announcement of the tender participation can take Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and DCNS. In addition, to participate in the tender will be invited and ASC. However, as noted by Jane's sources, the authorities prefer Japanese submarines type "litter".

    Previously, the Australian government announced that the purchase of new submarines will be made on the basis of open tender. This type of competition was planned so that it could participate in the Australian shipbuilding company ASC. Later Abbot noted that ASC may not get to the contest or to withdraw from it. The reasons this can happen, the Prime Minister did not elaborate.

    According to unconfirmed reports, the purchase of new submarines Australia will spend about 20 billion Australian dollars (18.3 billion USD). In April 2014, defense Minister of Australia David Johnston stated that Japanese submarines "litter" most closely meet the requirements of the military. However, he noted that the Australian industry is more interested in getting Japanese technology powertrain.


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