• The astronauts made on the ISS fire

  • On the International space station in the experiment, the scientists put it on fire a mixture of heptane and isooctane. Such experiments conducted by astronauts to study combustion in microgravity, according to the website of NASA.

    Unlike flame on the Ground, on Board the spacecraft torch does not have the form of drops and breaks up into a multitude of fiery balls, which is associated with weak gravity in earth orbit.

    The flame formed from igniting the mixture of droplets of heptane and isooctane. Initially, the light from the fire went out, then formed a light blue spherical shell with a diameter of 15 to 20 centimeters around the ignition source.

    Inside the sphere then began to appear bright yellow dots formed smoldering soot. Reaches a temperature of two thousand degrees Celsius. Over time, these hot spots are leaving the field and burn out.

    In the experiment, the FLEX-2 (Flame Extinguishment Experiment 2) astronauts had to learn how to control fire, including and simmer it on Board the ISS.


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