• The U.S. military in Lithuania accidentally wounded a passer-by

  • Military exercise in Lithuania was accidentally wounded man (civilian)who are in the area of the shooting. It is reported Delfi.lt.

    The incident occurred in the night of 12 September on the landfill of Giguni (Janevska area). There were firing machine guns American Marines stationed in Lithuania.

    About the affected know that this man in 1969. He was wounded in the chest, arm and leg. The military gave him first aid, after which the victim was hospitalized. Threats to his life.

    How a man was in the area of exercise, not reported. Portal notes that dangerous territory on the ground was marked with warning signs, information about the shooting was placed on stands that are on all the roads leading to the landfill.

    Investigating the incident involved the military police.

    The U.S. military, as reported previously, arrived in the Baltic States on the teachings in connection with the events in Ukraine (which in Europe is considered the object of aggression by Russia) and the concerns of the Baltic republics for their safety. In Lithuania they are deployed in the infantry battalion of the Grand Duke Vaidotas. It is planned that the us military will stay in the country until the end of the year.


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