• 1915. As was written in Russian Newspapers in January 1915

  • What was written about Russian Newspapers exactly one hundred years ago? Here are some examples, taken from various publications issued in January 1915.

    An interesting letter received Odessa merchant A. f-s ' from the son, being in the army on the Austrian front, and participated in ten battles in Galicia and differences are presented for receiving the third George, and to order
    non-commissioned officer. Seeing his son in the army, A. F.-N., incidentally, said:
    - God bless you, my son, as well to overcome the enemy in the war, as you well smoked "Prussians" from our home. For each killed enemy promise you 1000 dollars.
    Recently A. f-n received from her son a letter of application accounts, which literally means the following: "killed me 6 Austrians me, according to our condition, due 6.000 rubles minus 5 percent for cash, you should get me 5.700 RUB that please immediately send".

    "Russian invalid", January 19, 1915.

    Our correspondent, Kunin talks about the next event:

    - At the dressing area met with Colonel N.-sky. Looking at the soldiers torn wounds, he recalled the terrible incident, the witness which became, during the Lodz fights.

    He was wounded and, making his way with Batman in the rear. Went to forest Lodge. Here eyes had a terrible picture. The young Forester stood tied to the door with a cut tongue. Beside him on his knees crying half-crazed wife, and from under the bed looked scared to death girl. The woman couldn't explain it, but from a child somehow learned that the Lodge has just entered the Germans, and that their departure went the forest. Fortunately, turned up our Cossacks and Colonel persuaded them to catch up with the Germans. The patrol caught seven captured, brought into the Lodge and showed their dastardly deed.

    "New Times, January 23, 1915

    The dreadnought is equipped with 12-inch guns, the length of which reaches 50 feet. The cost of each gun about 100,000 rubles


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      Published the amount of damages "Match TV"

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