• 1915. As the five Dragoons captured two armoured car

  • - It was in the forest, not far from the now destroyed city W. Our siding, numbering five people went to parsedate where enemy troops and how they are located, " says the Sergeant, the chief of this group.

    Rode the forest, trying to stay closer to the highway. Almost two hours passed from the time we left the Parking lot of our regiment, and the enemy all not to see and not to hear.

    Decided to make a halt. Located in the thicket and began to destroy captured with other supplies. It was very hot. Silence stood in the forest, that is, dead. The trees are not shelohnulsya, even the birds were quiet. Suddenly in the distance he heard a strange noise. We started to build various assumptions. Who said it goes artillery, who - what is this noise quickly rushing train, and who even decided that flying an airplane. Painfully unclear was the noise.

    One thing was clear, that it rustles the enemy. After a few minutes the noise came closer so that we could clearly define what it raced cars. Immediately one of us had a plan for how you can capture these cars in captivity.

    Leaving the horses in a thicket, we quickly got to the road. After a few moments on the road was built of broken trees pretty solid barricade.

    - Brothers, lie down in the ditch on both sides of the road and shoot only on my command, " said the leader of this expedition, - try to get into the bus, then he will not leave us.

    No sooner said than done. Lay down we in the ditch and wait. Soon appeared on the road two huge armored vehicle. The barricade noticed only when it came to it very closely. Stopped.

    From best car ran two soldier and was about to start dismantling the barricades, as two well-aimed shot from our side put them on the spot. Bewildered was first the Germans opened indiscriminate fire from all guns, and we are taking advantage of the darkness, crept to his horses, and off they go at a gallop to his own. Come, told. Was immediately filled a large group that seized the Germans by surprise at the time, as they pottered about the bursting of the tire. The Germans were killed and the car remained with us.

    The magazine "War", Petrograd, 1915.


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