• 1915. Indian górka cut time and destroy the German battery

  • On the banks of Ypres, near the coast, the Germans had established several batteries of heavy guns of which brutally smashed the allied Anglo-French troops. All attempts and efforts of the latter to make these guns silenced, had no success, until, finally, the pilots of the allied forces, with the help of a good air intelligence, have not figured out that the batteries are ten miles from the sea shore and three miles behind the German trenches. The question arose, " how to defuse these batteries?
    This has caused Indian górka. A small detachment of these brave and exotic troops went at night on two English gunboat with extinguished lights and a deep secret to the location of the German batteries.

    Górka silently landed on the beach and, after a long and careful transition, stopped at a distance of approximately one mile from the enemy. Here górka hid in the forest, and six of the most bold and decisive crept like snakes, to the point where they were stacked artillery shells. Polskie gurka was holding in his mouth a long Indian knives.

    Twenty minutes later, six German time without a single scream and moan were killed Indian soldiers. Then górka gently gave her a quiet signal. The rest of the soldiers approached the warehouse shells and laid them in sticks of dynamite. After a few minutes I heard a terrible explosion, and all the boxes with shrapnel and grenades flew into the air to the horror of the German officers and gunners.

    Górka without a single loss returned to his own, and the German guns were already on the next day transported deep into the enemy positions, where they could not shoot with the same efficiency.

    "Russian invalid", January 1915.


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