• 1915. Miraculous salvation field Church on the San river in Galicia

  • Wounded soldiers undergoing treatment at one of the Petrograd military hospitals pass on the case, which impressed everyone even in war, where long ago, no longer anything surprising.

    - We crossed on a pontoon bridge across the stormy and cold San river near the town o'clock in Galicia. Everything was going smoothly. Already moved most stuff. In reply to our regimental Church. Only the cart, drawn by a pair of tall horses, and loaded the boxes in which it was laid our marching Church entered on the pontoon bridge, as the span of the bridge exploded. Carriage with horses immediately plunged into the water. Death seemed inevitable, as the river is deep, the current is rapid, and the water at this time of year ice. We watched in horror as floundering in the water horse and sled, not being able to help them. And suddenly the flow of water carriage with horses suffered directly to the place to which it was necessary to stick. We quickly rushed into the water and without much risk helped the horse to take the wagon to the road for us baggage ashore. Surprisingly, no ornaments, no icons completely from the water was not injured .

    This case has made a strong impression, and all the witnesses had the impression that it was a miracle.

    The magazine "War", №17 "Mysterious and inexplicable in the war". Petrograd, 1915.


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