• 1915. Battleship-the Ghost with the command of the dead seen in the Gulf of Finland

  • On the Baltic coast, people talk a lot about the mysterious ship, the Ghost, though, here and there, appearing in the open sea and guided terror to the superstitious fishermen.

    The ship seemed to be painted in military colors, and on the sides of his menacing gape gun vents...

    About the battleship Ghost I first heard from the Sailors islanders, deliver fish on their leaky boats, swear that they had met him there in the sea.

    - Maybe it was an ordinary warship? I say with a smile.

    Mariners vigorously mind:
    - Can ordinary ship suddenly appear at a distance of one nautical mile, and as suddenly vanish as if into thin air? No, no, " shake their heads Sadowski, is not a simple ship, it is a Ghost.

    A week later about this mysterious ship, I heard on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

    People who have talked with me Rybak, serious, gray-haired old man, about 60 years, assured me that such ships-ghosts always appear during the war. Their crews, though, consist of sailors who died during the sea battles.

    N. A. Karpov

    The magazine "War", №17 "Mysterious and inexplicable in the war". Petrograd, 1915.


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