• 1914. For buying gold will be punished according to the laws of war

  • General von der Tann was published in Munich the following order:

    - In that moment of exceptional public importance, when every German must bear his gold in the Reichsbank, there are people who buy gold in order to smuggle such abroad. This forbid such activities on the basis of the second paragraph of article IV of the law on martial law. Persons violating this prohibition will be punished according to the laws of war. And their names will be published. Hope the patriotism of the population, which will help the authorities to arrest such persons.

    The paper Tag on the 11th of November, reports that on the order of Leipzig Prosecutor in Freiburg arrested a person on a charge of treason against the Fatherland. Wine arrested was that he bought gold for shipment abroad. Banks are instructed to report all persons who buy gold from premiums.

    "Russian invalid" , November 1914


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