• 1914. In Petrograd arrived batch of prisoners of war of the Germans

  • In capital gains prisoners taken in battle in the river Bzura. The two Germans torn shoulder straps and all the decorations. I believe that they are officers who do not wish to find their rank. They are arrogant and do not want to answer questions and even talk with the Russians. But other Germans speak willingly and enthusiastically speak about courage and the generosity of the Russian troops.

    One prisoner of the Germans called up from the reserves. He is about forty years old. At home, he left his family and his business. Interests Kaiser, according to a prisoner, completely alien to him.

    - This war is no need of the German people, " he says. - Unleashed Kaiser without the approval of the people and on the mountain the whole of Germany, to the ruin of our industry and trade. Don't be strict CT, I would not have gone to war against Russia or against its allies. The prisoner was told that all the time was in the trenches, it took Russian attack on the German position. Now he is very happy with the turn of Affairs and strongly praised the Russians for the kind and cordial towards him. And asks only that he be allowed to write to his wife that is alive in Russian captivity in complete safety.

    Journal of "War" (Petrograd), No. 23, 1914.


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