• 1914. In the Indian ocean destroyed the German cruiser "Emden"

  • According to the British government, with the participation of Russian, Japanese and French ships made the search for the German cruiser Emden, which had disappeared, having attacked in Penang (in this attack the "Emden" was sunk by the Russian cruiser Zhemchug "Tape.ru"). British and Australian cruisers Melbourne and Sidney took part in this quest.

    27-th (9 November) October received a message that the Emden arrived to the island, the Cocos (Keeling) Coconut archipelago in the Indian ocean, halfway between Asia and Australia, and is planning to destroy the station of wireless telegraphy and cut the cable. There he was overtaken by cruiser Sidney, who forced him to accept battle and drove to the shore. Emden burned. The loss of Sidney - 3 killed, 15 wounded. The crew of the Emden suffered great damage.

    Captured the captain of the German cruiser Mueller and Prince Franz-Joseph of Hohenzollern, who was among the officers of the cruiser. Both injured. The Admiralty gave orders to have all the honor survivors ranks of the crew, the officers left their swords. Loss Emden expressed in the figure of two hundred killed and thirty wounded.

    Note. Group minor Cocos Islands, also called Cocos (Keeling) Islands located in the Indian ocean under 12 degrees South latitude and 96 ° 90 minutes East longitude.

    "Scout" (Petrograd), November 1914.


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