• 1914. Arrows with gasoline against German airships

  • French inventor by the name of Herr (Guerre) invented a special kind of arrow, aimed, mainly will be airships. This arrow consists of a sturdy steel needle. His rod she is in a cylindrical tank filled with 0.2 liters of gasoline. Six small hooks delay the arrow when it hits the subject from a fabric or the like. When the arrow hits the target, it simultaneously enters the cylinder and strikes the primer, which ignites the gasoline. Small steel fenders in the rear end of the boom give the stability of the flight. Experiments made with the height of the Eiffel tower, said to have been very successful.

    "Russian invalid" , November 1914


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    • 8:13 pm on Saturday 25th March 2017  /  Бывший СССР
      In Minsk began to release the detainees during a demonstration

      In Minsk the police began to release the detainees during the procession, dedicated to the so-called freedom Day. First, the staff of bodies of internal Affairs were allowed to leave offices to pensioners, minors and journalists. All, according to activists, has been detained several hundred people.

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