• 1914. Feat the girls Tachininae, dressed in a man

  • L. P. Tichinin is a graduate of the Kiev women's courses. When the war started, she decided that her place where blood is shed. Under the leadership of the servant girl during the week heavily involved in the soldier's "literature" and studied saluting. Dressed in a soldier's dress L. P. together with Batman out on the street. Batman was on one side, L. P. on the other, giving honor to met on the way officers. Batman watched . Finally he said to his disciple:

    - Now lady you are, for the lad will go down.

    L. P. was about 13 rubles. Buying food, she went to the train station to the departure of the military echelon and brought herself among the soldiers. Along the way the soldiers had surrounded unfamiliar volunteer:

    - Where are you little good!
    - I was working as company nurse will...
    - Well, maybe, but... But what is your name?
    - Anatoly Tichinin...

    So hit L. P. Tichinin on position. It has been more than two months. Anatoly tichinin did with the company transitions to 40 miles a day, sleeping in wet trenches, stables and pig barns. And when, after a rough passage, exhausted soldiers with pleasure was covered in swamp mud on vacation, Tichinin, as the youngest in the company, were sent to dig for companies potatoes.
    The company, which served tichinin, introduced in the case. The battle began. Tichinin, as a nurse picked up the wounded under fire. And there was more bold and hardy medic.

    During one of the battles, the company drove the Austrians out of their trenches and strengthened. Tichinin and two nurse went to collect the wounded. At this time the Austrians received reinforcements and began a counterattack. The battle resumed.

    Tichinin continued to bear the wounded from the field of fire and was within a few minutes three times wounded. It was taken by the Austrians and was taken to your hospital. More days Anatoly was unconscious. When I recovered, I saw that about him berths gathered all the medical staff of the hospital. The doctor who made the dressing, found that tichinin - woman.
    In the Austrian hospital L. P. Tichinin spent several weeks, and when the Austrians, under the pressure of our troops, fled - L. P. Tichinin again found himself in the circle of his and was sent to Moscow on the mend.

    "The Russian Word", December, 1914.


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