• 1914. Dressed as women and refugees of German soldiers killed 17 Cossacks

  • The newspaper Berliner Tageblatt gives a description of an attack on a detachment of Cossacks, which deserves special attention because it contains within itself by the German authorities identified the fact surprisingly cynical treatment of the laws and customs of war.
    Ober-Lieutenant von Neelan had orders to attack the Cossack patrol, stationed in the town Park in East Prussia. Not being able to join with them in open battle, the officer resorted to what he calls "a little trick":

    - Twenty Marines were planted on two large wagons, drawn each by four horses. The carts were brought in so that was exciting presentation on transportation of household belongings. They were piled beds, tables and miscellaneous junk. The soldiers were dressed in the clothes worn by local farmers. Rules one of the supply Sergeant Schmitt, turned into the East Prussian fugitive and the other a corporal Meyer, who wore women's skirt and flannelette cloth.

    All this respectable company arrived in town Park, not to arouse any suspicion. Then they managed to occupy a favorable position, and as a result 17 of the Cossacks remained in place.* * 2.*

    If we take into account that the basic rule of modern warfare is the warfare of such soldiers who wear the prescribed form, and that masquerades only use spies, then you can imagine what the disturbance must cause similar techniques in our army. Bear form is not a Caprice or whim: only due to the fact that the form holds the line between soldiers and civilians, this is the last and enjoys immunity. If riding in the cart with goods and chattels "the fugitive" can be assumed Sergeant Schmitt, this fact may cause in relation to the civilian population such measures, which will spare themselves the Prussian Braves.

    "New Times, November 1914.


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