• 1914. On freedom of the press and Pro-German propaganda in Russia and China

  • Of income wicked sequestrating property Hanoverian dynasty was established a special Fund is a "Fund of reptiles" - a secret society for the establishment and maintenance of Newspapers and magazines, working for the benefit of the German Empire. All over Germany bought feathers from day to day began to glorify the wisdom of the Chancellor and the greatness of the Empire and to prove its beneficence to all Germanic peoples.

    This tireless work has borne fruit, and the German population in the face of the Reichstag, elected by universal suffrage, is invariably represented in the possession of Prussia so much money and how many soldiers she demanded.

    The same techniques of the German-Prussian government resorted and abroad. Everywhere, even in France, England and Russia, appeared in the media and fervently proving the necessity of rapprochement with Germany and a close friendship with her. In this case, the friendship, the disclosure of this diplomatic character, invariably the subordination of national interests of Germany and the promotion of its political and economic plans. The success and breadth of the German-Prussian influence on the foreign press can be judged by the fact that even before the announcement of the us German fighter of the war, in the Russian capital every day, was proved that Russia has only one friend - the Emperor William.

    The other day the same thing Prussian-German institution for world of bribery printing made a new successful step. It was bought in China all the Newspapers published in English. Business and political circles, where all the European languages, English is the most spread, will be thus supplied henceforth information and their interpretation almost exclusively from German source. Chinese public opinion, as the ruling circles will be processed in the same way as Swedish, Bulgarian and Turkish. With the usual German orderliness from China will be doing a weak instrument of German foreign policy.

    "New Times, November 1914.


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