• 1914. Fishing the German airplane on live bait

  • Several of our Marines, Kontorovich a whole battalion captured Austrian soldiers noticed the enemy airplane, fell on them at a considerable height. Ordered the captives do not move and do not make attempts to escape, under pain of execution, the guards, leaving them on the road, entrenched themselves in the forest. A few minutes later the plane began to descend.

    The pilot, knowing the grey uniforms of his soldiers, decided to land. However, going down, he drew attention to the fact that all Austrian soldiers were without arms, and realized what it was. Trying to off him, but failed. Gun fire from the forest konvoinyi, forced him to abandon the takeoff. The guards ran up and took the pilot and airplane in captivity.

    Journal of the Great war in images and pictures", 1914.


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    • 9:42 pm on Friday 28th July 2017  /  Спорт
      Published the amount of damages "Match TV"

      Federal sports channel "Match TV" in 2016, suffered a loss in the amount of 1.7 billion rubles. It is reported by "Soviet sport" with reference to the database "SPARK-Interfax". Compared to 2015, the company losses increased by half a billion rubles. Revenue of the TV station in 2016, made up 13.04 billion.

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    • 9:30 pm on Friday 28th July 2017  /  Силовые структуры
      The Russian defense Ministry has disclosed details of the flight in the DPRK launched missiles

      The Russian System of missile warning was tracking the flight of a missile launched in North Korea. The defense Ministry clarified that we are talking about ballistic missile medium-range, and clarified that the incident did not pose a danger, as the shell was fired in the direction of the Russian border.

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    • 9:01 pm on Friday 28th July 2017  /  Бизнес
      Tekhnopromeksport has denied the statement of Siemens offer to buy the turbine

      State-owned company "Technopromexport" has not received from Siemens official offers to purchase the turbines. This was stated by the representative of the company. According to him, in 2016 tekhnopromeksport himself offered to buy out Siemens turbine installations, but the Germans refused.

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