• 1914. Fishing the German airplane on live bait

  • Several of our Marines, Kontorovich a whole battalion captured Austrian soldiers noticed the enemy airplane, fell on them at a considerable height. Ordered the captives do not move and do not make attempts to escape, under pain of execution, the guards, leaving them on the road, entrenched themselves in the forest. A few minutes later the plane began to descend.

    The pilot, knowing the grey uniforms of his soldiers, decided to land. However, going down, he drew attention to the fact that all Austrian soldiers were without arms, and realized what it was. Trying to off him, but failed. Gun fire from the forest konvoinyi, forced him to abandon the takeoff. The guards ran up and took the pilot and airplane in captivity.

    Journal of the Great war in images and pictures", 1914.


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    • 8:13 pm on Saturday 25th March 2017  /  Бывший СССР
      In Minsk began to release the detainees during a demonstration

      In Minsk the police began to release the detainees during the procession, dedicated to the so-called freedom Day. First, the staff of bodies of internal Affairs were allowed to leave offices to pensioners, minors and journalists. All, according to activists, has been detained several hundred people.

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