• 1914. How to sew a shirt soldier

  • Ordeal that befell our country! Terrible cloud of bloody war with all its horrors suddenly erupted above us! And in these difficult days, when every family had gone husbands, sons, brothers to protect his own blood dignity, power and the life of Russia, it is clear that a Russian woman can not remain indifferent. Strong spirit, she wants to be his ardent love for the Motherland is not pathetic tears and sighs, and hot willingness to come to her aid. Work will be enough for everyone: some may be of direct benefit, going to war as nurses, other, without leaving his hearth, can take care of the families of our defenders and of themselves warriors, delivering they need underwear.

    We believe that in these days all our pompicity don't think about clothes, but there is only one desire to bring as much benefit of the country and because we think that guessed the mood of our podeschi, adding to this number are free cutting soldier's uniform shirt (shirt).
    We appeal to you with a passionate call for action and sew this pattern at least one or two shirts. Think that is thus able to gain an impressive number of about 100,000 shirts that will help our warriors. Rain and bad weather will soon find our soldiers on the battle fields and with what joy and gratitude will be met by the transport of lingerie that will give them the opportunity to change wet and often ragged shirt.

    This pattern can be made not only uniform shirt (shirt), but ordinary bottom shirt.

    The magazine "Fashion light" (S.-Petersburg), №12, 1914


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