• 1914. Italian vessels will be equipped with radiotelephones

  • Very soon Italian warships will be equipped with wireless telephones, invented by the Marquis (AEBR) Marconi. The inventor personally supervised the experiments in the naval Ministry in Rome in the presence of the king. Was great to disassemble the conversations at a distance of ten English miles.

    "Russian invalid" , November 1914


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    • 8:13 pm on Saturday 25th March 2017  /  Бывший СССР
      In Minsk began to release the detainees during a demonstration

      In Minsk the police began to release the detainees during the procession, dedicated to the so-called freedom Day. First, the staff of bodies of internal Affairs were allowed to leave offices to pensioners, minors and journalists. All, according to activists, has been detained several hundred people.

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