• 1914. Jewish "Voice of Labor" spoke in defense of the German Empire

  • Published in new York in the Russian language Jewish "Voice of Labor" came out openly as a knight of the German Empire. International anarchists under my auspices of the German Emperor and king of Prussia. Pacifists are recorded in the militia of the German Empire, which in their own words for decades was the main stronghold of militarism".

    Defenders of working people are advised not to pay attention to the defeat of the Germans in Belgium, the working community and the citadel of the labour movement. Sworn enemies of monarchism and feudalism in the days of the attack feudal Prussia in Republican France advised the French workers to riot and to give France in the hands of the Prussian soldiers. "This is the only correct solution of the problem from the point of view of the interests of the international social-revolutionary movement," says the body of international anarchists most of the red marks. This view is adamant international revolutionaries strangely coincides feature in line with the interests of the German Emperor, the most important representative of the medieval feudal ideals and, seemingly, the most bitter enemy of the apostles of anarchy.

    "New Times, November 1914.


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      In Minsk began to release the detainees during a demonstration

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