• 1914. 81 local inhabitant of Reims taken hostage by the Germans

  • The French theatre of war

    31 August the French troops after fierce fighting took back the city of Reims. The day before, on August 30, the entire city was plastered with advertisements in which it was stated that in order to protect the security of the German troops and to maintain peace among the population of the city of Reims by order of the commander-in-chief of the German army such persons (listed in the ad) arrested as hostages. These hostages will be posted at the slightest attempt to cause unrest, and the city itself will be entirely burned, and the people guilty of violating this Ordinance, will be hanged. In announcement lists 81 local inhabitant of Reims, including four spiritual person.

    The Germans bombarded all day ancient Reims Cathedral and destroyed it.

    "Scout" ( Petrograd), September, 1914


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