James Franco turned blogger, philosopher

American actor James Franco started a blog on YouTube, which publishes videos dedicated to the discussion of philosophical topics. Another leading channel is the friend of Franco, lecturer, king's College London Eliot Michaelson. The first videos on the page appeared on July 26.

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  • Kiev said on depriving Saakashvili of Ukrainian citizenship

    The state migration service of Ukraine confirmed the information about the deprivation of the citizenship of the country of Michael Saakashvili, former Georgian President and ex-Governor of the Odessa region. The Department explained that Saakashvili had violated the law "On citizenship", putting false information in the questionnaire.

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    In the suburbs will attract Directors and producers

    The authorities of Moscow region with the help of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) and the Association of producers of cinema and television will promote the suburbs as a set. The Minister of investment of the region Denis Butsaev sure that this is, in particular, will increase the number of tourists.

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    Removed from Alexandrov's monument to Ivan the terrible appeared in Moscow

    In the centre of Moscow, Petroverigsky lane on "the Avenue of the rulers", a monument to Tsar Ivan IV the terrible. The author of the sculpture, Vasily Selivanov, passed the monument for safekeeping of RVIA. Initially it was set Aleksandrov, Vladimir oblast, but the installation was canceled.

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    Ulyanovsk Governor is going to raise in the region "generation of kindness"

    The Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov has signed a decree on the implementation of the regional program "Decade of goodness". "Today, the society has accumulated a lot of negativity, and we need to make it so that people have become kinder, more sympathetic, more intimate" — he said, commenting on the initiative.

  • Naked drunk tourist caused a stir on the beach in Thailand

    Naked Chinese tourist in the Thai city of Pattaya the bejesus out of local residents who mistook it for a Ghost. Held at night on the beach people noticed 40-year-old Zhang Yan, who stood without clothes in the sea a few meters from the shore. They called the police, who half an hour to persuade the Chinese to get out of the water.

  • Bury Adobe Flash

    Adobe plans to discontinue support of the Flash platform and Flash Player. According to plan it should happen by the end of 2020. Large companies have already begun phasing out Flash. In some browsers, the platform is disabled by default and the user needs each time to activate it manually.

  • The failure of the debt Moscow Kiev will cost 673 thousand dollars a day

    London's high court has clarified its verdict on the claim of Russia to Ukraine filed because of non-payment by Kiev's debt for Eurobonds. In particular, it was clarified the amount of interest on the obligation and penalty for late payment. Established that each day of delay will cost the Ukrainian budget more than 673 thousand dollars.

  • Tried to shoot a COP, a lawyer from Moscow was under investigation

    Moscow investigators opened a criminal case against a lawyer who tried to shoot an empty gun at the police. On the night of 24 July, a drunken man near a house opened fire from a traumatic gun. Then he pulled a gun on a police officer and demanded to give him his gun.

  • Volochkova compared with the Shrine Aksyonov presented a sheaf of wheat

    Chapter Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov gave the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who came to the Peninsula to tour round, a sheaf of wheat. "For me it is a symbol of the Crimea, and I know that he himself gave this sheaf, and that he was gifting this for me as a Shrine," deeply moved the artist.